Vatican receives electric Popemobile courtesy of NWG

NWG at Vatican

In brief:The first electric vehicle in the Vatican was presented to Pope Benedict XVI by Francesco D'Antino and Antonio Rainone, founders of NWG.

The word

The car is NWG's four seat electric vehicle and upon acceptance, was blessed with a prayer and a call to St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers.

It's unlikely that the Pope will use the car for parades or other events, since it doesn't have the same security features as his famous Mercedes-made Popemobile does. It will, however, be used to shuttle dignitaries and Vatican employees.

“All believers should respect creation as a great gift from God, as the environment in which they live and which they should leave as an inheritance to the next generations, so that all can enjoy its fruits and live in peace together with the Lord’s other creatures,” said Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesperson. (CNA)

And so ...

Video of the presentation:

Photo credits: CNA

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