Valmet's Eva Concept EV

Valmet Eva

In brief: Valmet showed their electric car concept, the Eva, at the Geneva Motor Show.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Eva (concept)
Manufacturer: Valmet Automotive

The word

Valmet Eva

Valmet Automotive, which produces the City electric car for Think! and is also producing the Fisker Karma, has designed its own city car called the Eva.

This city car is a 2+2 concept using an aluminum space frame which allows for both strength and light weight while also allowing the modularity Valmet wanted in order to ad other body styles to the chassis.

The drive train is an axial flux induction motor from Axco which gives a 120km/h speed (75mph) while lithium-ion batteries provide a 160km (100 mile) range.

A Nokie smart dock allows your phone to become an info-center for the car to gather driving and systems data as well as integrate phone use with the car itself for hands-free calling and so forth.

An interesting warning system lets you know when you've passed the "point of no return" (50 miles) on your charge. A charger is integrated with your cell phone so that you can activate the charger via SMS (text) message.

And so ...

Interesting concept that may or may not ever see production.

Photo credits: Valmet

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