USPS To Test Another Series of Electric Delivery Trucks


In brief: The U.S. Postal Service has been working to replace its fleet of smaller delivery trucks with an alternate-fuel variety for some time. A new series of tests will put an electric delivery truck on the road this year.

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The Jeep-like standard vehicles the USPS uses now are almost all gasoline engine models. While efficient in their own right, they are not efficient for the task at hand, which involves a lot of start-stop and routine idling. Something an electric vehicle is uniquely suited for.

The USPS has contracted this final phase of a test begun last year on electric trucks to AC Propulsion and AutoPort.

Most will recognize AC Propulsion as the company fronted by Tom Hanks which converts Toyota Scion cars into the "eBox." It is also the company founded by the two men who designed the T-Zero concept.

AutoPort is not as well-known, but is a top-notch automotive conversion and restyling center that does fleet conversions. They are also well-situated for their role, being at the test-bed city: Washington, D.C.

The new delivery truck will be converted at the AutoPort facility and then put to work in the metro-D.C. area delivering mail. It will be tested against its counterpart, a standard model delivery truck, for several comparisons such as efficiency, reliability, and so forth.

And so ...

The USPS has over 142,000 vehicles in its fleet--one of the nation's largest. If this works out, it's the first big step towards replacing those tens of thousands of vehicles to a cleaner fuel.

Photo credits: USPS

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