USMC Purhcases Two Smith Electric Trucks

Smith Newton mil-spec truck
In brief: The United States Marine Corps has purchased two Smith Newton electric trucks, specially designed for military use.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Smith Newton Manufacturer: Smith Electric Trucks

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Smith Newton Military

The USMC becomes the first military organization to purchase Smith's trucks through the pre-approved Government Services Administration (GSA) schedule. Smith Electric will deliver the military-spec'd trucks to Camp Pendleton, California - home of the First Marine Expeditionary Force.

The Marine Corps has a goal of reducing energy use by 30% by 2015 and increase reliance on renewable electrics to 25% by 2025. The Smith Newton was an obvious fit, being the only Class 4-7 (medium duty) all electric commercial truck on the GSA schedule.

And so ...

The Newtons will be delivered from Smith's Kansas City, MO plant in February, 2011.

Photo credits: Smith Electric Vehicles

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