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US EPA Gives Nissan Leaf Electric Car a 99mpg Rating

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Nissan Leaf EPA sticker
In brief: The EPA has issued a miles per gallon sticker for the all-electric Nissan Leaf, giving it 99 miles per gallon equivalent overall.

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Make/Model: Leaf Manufacturer: Nissan

The word

Nissan Leaf EPA sticker

Using a miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) rating for the leaf, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gives the car a 99MPGe rating overall.

Other interesting points from the sticker are the 106/91 MPGe ratings for city/highway driving and the 73 mile range per charge, which is far less than the 100 that Nissan has advertised.

And so ...

The EPA used a 33.7kWh per 1 gallon of gasoline figure for their MPGe. The common formula for MPGe is to give gasoline a 116,090Btu/gallon rating and electricity a 3,412Btu/kWh rating (or 34.02kWh/gallon).

Photo credits: Nissan

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