UK Man Tows Fifty Foot Christmas Tree With His G-Wiz

G-Wiz towing tree
G-Wiz towing tree

In brief: The tiny G-Wiz towed a fifty foot (50') Christmas tree on a double-axle trailer 15 miles from the lot to the car owner's home.

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Make/Model: G-Wiz
Manufacturer: REVA

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Towing the Tree

The tiny car hauled the giant tree from the sales lot to the home of Greig Howe of Bournemouth, Dorset in the UK. Howe, who owns the G-Wiz, bought the tree, decorated it, and hauled it back home on a trailer.

The little car towed the 2-axle trailer with relative ease for the fifteen mile trip, amazing even its owner who wasn't sure it would go the distance.

Once home, the tree was removed from the car, cut into three pieces, and taken inside the house to be arranged so that it appears to be bursting from the windows.

Towing the Tree

And so ...

Where there's a will, there's a way. The G-Wiz performed beyond the factory specs on this one, I'd wager.

Photo credits: Daily Mail

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