TT Zero Isle of Man Electric Motorcycle Race Ends in Motoczysz Win

TT Zero race logo

In brief: After a rain delay, the Isle of Man electric motorcycle race, the TT Zero, went underway with a showcase of high-performance racing motorcycles.

The word

TT ZeroThe winning bike and rider was the Motoczysz E1PC and Mark Miller by a 2 minute margin.

Second place went to last year's winner, Rob Barber on the Agni Racing Z1 and third place went to James McBride on the ManTTX bike. Agni Racing's Jennifer Tinmouth also took fourth.

Most of the race was a back-and-forth rally between the Agni Racing team's two bikes and the E1PC.

One of the race's bonus wins went to the first bike to break a 100mph lap speed, which was done by all four of the top contenders with the Motoczysz bike breaking the bank at 135.3mph.

And so ...

Definitely another exciting race in the electric motorcycle circuit! And no, I don't know how to pronounce "Motoczysz" either.

Photo credits: TT Zero

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