Tokyo 2009: The Toyota FT-EV II electric car concept

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In brief: Toyota debuts its innovative FT-EV II concept electric vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show, which opened this weekend.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: FT-EV II concept
Manufacturer: Toyota

The word

Toyota's FT-EVII concept electric car is entirely a product of existing Toyota technology; it's built on the company's successful iQ platform and it uses components from their Synergy hybrid system


The FT-EV II uses a lithium-ion battery pack that grants a modest 56 mile range on a full charge. Top speed is somewhere around 60 mph.


Novel aspects of the vehicle include electric sliding doors on both sides and a rather bizarre steering column.


And so ….

The Toyota FT-EV II concept is a concept car in its most pure form, meaning that it brings together potential features of future vehicles with entirely improbable ones, and in and of itself will never appear in any showroom.

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