Toyota Shows RAV4 EV Demonstrator

RAV4EV Demonstrator
In brief: Toyota has finally unveiled the demonstrator for the RAV4 electric vehicle (EV), produced in conjunction with Tesla Motors.

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Make/Model: RAV4 EV Demonstrator Manufacturer: Toyota

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RAV4 EV Demonstrator

The unveiled RAV4 EV is the first of 35 demonstration vehicles, called Phase Zero, to evaluate an all-electric sub-SUV throughout 2011.

You may recall that Tesla Motors undertook a somewhat clandestine contract with Toyota back in July. This was to build much of the drive train and take the RAV4 sleds provided by Toyota and add the electronics in.

The current Phase One demonstrator is reported to be getting a consistent 100-mile range in actual on-road use.

Toyota says that most of their focus is on feasibility in real-world use and the customer experience with the RAV4 electrics.

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Some of the RAV4's components, such as suspension, required retuning because of the added weight of the batteries.

Photo credits: Toyota

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