Toshiba to Supply Electric Motors to Ford in 2012

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In brief: Ford Motor Co has awarded a major contract to supply electric drive motors for hybrid and plug-in vehicles to Toshiba, who will expand manufacturing capacity in its Houston plant to meet this demand.

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The expansion of the Houston, Texas plant will be Toshiba's first overseas production of electric motors for automotive, which are currently built in Japan. Currently, the Houston plant builds motors for industrial equipment.

The awarding of this contract means that many of the electric motors used in Ford vehicles will come from Toshiba, starting in 2012. Toshiba plans to begin expansions on the Houston plant in 2011.

Currently, Toshiba produces motors ranging from 1/2 to 50,000 horsepower for various industrial and mechanical uses.

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Toshiba estimates that the total global market for automotive motors will grow to over a trillion Yen per year by 2020.

Photo credits: Toshiba

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