Toro Debuts Electric Mower Targeted to Golf Greens

Toro Eflex 2100

In brief: The Toro Eflex 2100 is a mower powered by a lithium-ion battery and meant specifically for the tender defining greens of a golf course.

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Make/Model: Eflex 2100
Manufacturer: Toro

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Toro Eflex 2100

Toro is credited as the first company to manufacture motorized grass cutters for golf courses. Now they're introducing the first electric mower meant for the turf-care industry's toughest job: mowing sensitive golf greens.

Until now, these greens have been mowed with light weight, small machines powered by low-horsepower gasoline engines. Not any more.

The Toro Eflex 2100 uses lithium-ion batteries and a powerful little electric motor to do the same job.

Toro has been experimenting with battery-powered mowers for some time, but until now, could not make one light weight enough for those tender greens. They require a light footprint or the thin blades of prize grass can break and yellow.

The mower will be priced at about $14,000, will mow up to 8 greens on one charge, and recharges in about 6 hours.

And so ...

Being silent, they have the added bonus of being usable during all hours of the day and night, unlike their gas-powered brethren.

Photo credits: Toro

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