THINK Teams with Migros and Swiss Eco-Tourism to Offer EV Rentals in the Alps

THINK City in the Alps

In brief: Finnish company THINK has teamed with Migros (M-Way) as a distribution partner and will be supplying 60 THINK City electric cars to Alpmobil, a Swiss rental car company.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: City
Manufacturer: THINK

The word

THINK City in the Alps

The sixty cars will be used as rentals in the Swiss Alps in the Goms and Haslital region. They will be available to rent for 60 Swiss Francs per day (about $57US) through local hotels, resorts, and other points of interest.

Alpmobil will be marketing the services and taking reservations through its website. Battery charging will be available through the rental outlets as well as through the more than 20 battery charging points installed in the area - most powered by hydroelectric power.

And so ...

Very cool and the idea will likely spread. Austin, Texas has a deal with Daimler to rent Smart Electrics soon as well.

Photo credits: THINK

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