Think Reveals New City Racer Production Model

Think City Racer

In brief: EV maker Think is preparing a race-ready 2011 City model for the 2011 EV Cup and as a possible limited-run production vehicle with improved performance for racing.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: City Racer
Manufacturer: Think

The word

Think City Racer

Three European races will take place in 2011 with one class being the CityEV, which will use the City cars exclusively (all part of the new race-ready line). The other two classes are the SportsEV and PrototypeEV, focusing on electric sports cars and non-production prototypes respectively.

The racing edition of the Think City will be stripped of most of its interior amenities as well as its window glass. Lighter seating with 4-point harness go in, shatterproof perspex replaces the glass, and a lightweight alloy steering wheel finish it off. This drops the City's weight by 155 pounds.

The suspension is then lowered for better handling, the controller and motor get tweaked for higher speeds, and battery controllers are reprogrammed for more output and less range.

Think has not released data on the new speed and handling specs, but since the standard City can go up to 68mph, it's likely the Racer will see at least 10 or more miles per hour added to the tac.

And so ...

A fun idea for a car that probably has too much range (100 miles per charge) for most of its intended users, so the Racing option will definitely have those to whom it appeals.

Photo credits: Think

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