THINK Restarts Production in Finland

Velmet THINK production

In brief: On again, off again THINK Automotive is back in production again thanks to its new shareholder, Valmet Automotive.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: THINK City
Manufacturer: THINK Automotive

The word

Valmet THINK production

The troubled automaker appears to have weathered the storm and is back in business. The company left Norway, which refused to finance more low-interest loans, for Finland.

With a new influx of money from new investors, the bringing in of several senior executives from the automotive and energy industries, and now a partnership with engineering and manufacturing giant Valmet, THINK is on the road again.

Valmet, you may recall, is the chosen producer of the Fisker Karma as well. The manufacturing corporation is headquartered and operates in Finland.

THINK is providing both the City car, a low-speed electric, to several clients in Europe who've ordered them as well as drive trains to other vehicle manufacturers.

And so ...

Valmet has already begun production of the THINK cars and will be rolling the first few off the line before the Christmas holiday.

Photo credits: Valmet

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