Think City Lithium-ion Version Begins Production

Think and Enerdel in the factory

In brief: The tiny Think City electric car has been in production for some time, but only now is it getting lithium-ion batteries.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: City
Manufacturer: Think

The word

Think and Enerdel in the factory

The Norwegian-cum-Finnish company Think has begun producing their popular City electric car using lithium-ion batteries made by Indiana-based Enerdel.

The new 22kWh battery packs will lighten the weight of the EV while increasing its range. Enerdel has entered full production of the battery packs and the new City cars will be sold in Europe, expanding to the U.S. later this year.

The li-ion batteries allow the Think City to travel 100 miles on a charge and to fast-charge to 80% in only fifteen minutes.

And so ...

Think will be starting U.S. production of the City sometime in 2011.

Photo credits: Think

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