THINK Announces Plans for Expected U.S. Sales This Year


In brief: Beleaguered THINK, makers of the small City car in Norway, have announced plans to begin selling the City in New York this year, rolling out to other cities nationally over time.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: City
Manufacturer: THINK

The word


The car company has had more than its share of problems. With several bankruptcy scares and worse, THINK finally found a new partner in Velmet Automotive in Finland and began producing their City cars again.

With that production comes plans to export to various other markets and the Norwegian-turned-Finnish company is looking to U.S. shores once again.

The first target will be New York, which THINK's CEO Richard Canny thinks is "a logical early market for the THINK City in the U.S."

The fact that the City's li-ion battery packs are made by Ener1, also in New York, only bolsters this logic.

And so ...

The miniature urban car has a rocky history and coming to America means battling the big boys like Nissan, Chevrolet, and others.

Photo credits: THINK

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