TheTrexa Electric Vehicle Platform Gets a Price Tag

Trexa Platform

In brief: Trexa introduced an innovative idea: a base EV platform to build a car from, with everything needed but seats and steering included. Now it has a price.

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Make/Model: Trexa EV Platform
Manufacturer: Trexa

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When we introduced this idea from Trexa last month, it didn't have a price tag and was still just a (really good) idea.

Now, the DIY electric car platform that includes everything you need but seats and a steering wheel has a price tag too, and it's amazingly affordable.

Yep, the Trexa platform is only $15,999 and it includes batteries (7kWh), battery management and control systems, a charger, wheels base lengths up to 96 inches) and even the wheels and motor. The Vehicle Developer's Kit (VDK) also includes CAD models and misc. hardware to finish it off.

So you get a fully-functional, operating vehicle platform that you can do anything you'd like with for only $15,999.

And so ...

Awesome. Just awesome.

Photo credits: Trexa

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