The Triac Resurfaces on Electric Ave in Detroit

Green Vehicles Triac

In brief: The Triac officially released last year as a low-volume production model from Green Vehicles with mixed reviews. A new, improved 2010 version answers those reviews and debuted in Detroit.

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Make/Model: Triac
Manufacturer: Green Vehicles

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Green Vehicles Triac

The Triac from Green Vehicles appeared a couple of years ago and the little 3-wheeler entered production with a 2009 model, which sold a handful of units at $25,000 a piece.

Now the little company that won't give up has returned with another rendition of the Triac. While basically still the same as its 2009 model, the new 2010 Triac has seen several improvements, based mostly on customer feedback from the prior model.

From all accounts, this seems to be a great step forward for the little company as the feedback thus far from reviewers and test drivers has been good.

The "real world" range of the new Triac is now 100+ miles (rather than 80+), which was achieved by both increasing the battery pack size and upgrading to a newer technology in those cells.

The 2010 model also saw some interior design changes to meet with some of it's owner's most common complaints: leg room, head room, and ergonomics.

And so ...

Overall, the changes are good and it's nice to see the little guy (in this case Green Vehicles) sticking with it and getting their product out there.

Photo credits: Green Vehicles

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