The Toyota TES-ERA Sports EV Concept

Toyota TES-ERV Concept EV coupe

In brief: Revealed in Japan at an auto show, the TES-ERA is an electric sport coupe concept from Toyota's Engineering Society.

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Make/Model: TES-ERA Sports EV Concept
Manufacturer: Toyota Engineering Society

The word

Toyota TES-ERA Concept

The one-off concept is a showcase of crowd-sourced style, Toyota's electric vehicle engineering prowess, and futuristic interior design for tomorrow's drivers.

The drive train is based on the Lexus Group's RX plug-in hybrid, though the TES-ERA is a full electric. Using twin motors and a 15.7kWh li-ion battery pack, the concept puts out 174hp (128kW) and has an urban range of 80km or a race track range of 50km.

The exterior design was created by a Japanese gradeschool class which came up with the Milky Way concept and deep blue coloring. The car's gullwings and frame are from the popular Toyota Sera, produced in the 1990s for the Japanese market.

The interior is simple and white, with smooth lines and little fanfare. It's dominated by three touch screens mounted across the dashboard. These provide all of the car's controls for everything but steering and acceleration/braking. Each screen is connected to the others so displays can be customized and moved across one another as those in the cabin wish.

And so ...

While this is a pure concept that is not likely to see production, it is a self-contained vehicle that has seen testing on the track.

Photo credits: Toyota ES

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