The Tesla Brabus Green Package Includes Free Electricity

Tesla Roadster Brabus

In brief: Thinking about plopping down the $110,000 for a Tesla Roadster, but not sure you'll be able to afford those increased power bills once you get one? Fear not!

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Brabus Package
Manufacturer: Tesla Motors

The word

Tesla Roadster Brabus Mod

Brabus, the car pimpers extraordinaire, introduced a detail package for the Tesla Roadster at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show.

These cosmetic improvements don't affect the power train, of course, except for one: the package doesn't just include new LED underlighting and a little spioler...

The package also includes a full year of free electricity to run your Roadster on.

The free power comes from an agreement with RWE utility and gives 20,000 miles of charge to your car. The package will be available in Germany, which currently boasts 150 RWE charging stations with 900 more coming in the next couple of years.

The Brabus package also includes LED light additions to the front grille, neon to the undercarriage, a very stylish rear "knife" spoiler, and LEDs to the interior.

And so ...

As if the Roadster wasn't cool enough, now it's got street rod cred. Too Fast! Too Furious!

Photo credits: ABG

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