The Nissan LEAF Zero Emission Tour begins November 13 in Los Angeles


In brief: Nissan is taking its all-electric, 5-passenger, 5-door LEAF on a North American tour, rock star style, beginning in Los Angeles in mid-November.

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Make/Model: LEAF
Manufacturer: Nissan


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Beginning November 13th in Los Angeles, Nissan's heavily hyped all-electric LEAF will begin a North American tour that will include stops in 22 cities, 11 states, the District of Columbia, and one stop north of the border in Vancouver, Canada.

Leaf int

Interior of the production LEAF (photo courtesy

The current schedule is below, and is also available at

Southern California
Los Angeles: Nov. 13-17
Orange County: Nov. 18
San Diego: Nov. 19-21
Northern California
Berkeley/Walnut Creek: Nov. 23-24
San Francisco: Nov. 25-29
Santa Rosa: Dec. 1
Sacramento: Dec. 1
San Jose: Dec. 3-6
Pacific Northwest
Seattle: Dec. 8-12
Vancouver, Canada: Dec. 14-15
Portland, Ore.: Dec. 17-23
Phoenix/Tucson: Dec. 30-Jan. 5
Las Vegas: Jan. 6
Midwest/East Coast
Detroit: Jan. 11-13
Knoxville/Chattanooga, Tenn.: Jan. 16
Middle Tennessee: Jan. 19-21
Washington, D.C.: Jan. 26-28
Raleigh, N.C.: Jan. 29
Orlando: Feb. 1-2
Houston: Feb. 5-6
New York
New York City: Feb. 9-14

And so ….

This is deft and intelligent marketing on Nissan's part, although it would have been nice to know about venues now, although I suspect a flurry of press releases will let us know in due time.

by Ross Bonander

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