Tesla's Roadster Sport to Feature New Battery Cooling Tech

Tesla Roadster Sport

In brief: Dana's new battery cooling technology will debut in the Tesla Roadster Sport 2010.

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Make/Model: Roadster Sport
Manufacturer: Tesla Motors

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Tesla Roadster Sport

The Dana Holding Corporation has developed a heat exchanger designed to extend battery life in hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

The new technology is now on the 2010 model of the Tesla Roadster Sport.

The Roadster Sport is a more highly-tuned version of the Roadster. It features a hand-wound stator in the motor, which boosts the performance of the car's 0-60mph by 0.2 seconds from 3.9 seconds to 3.7. This also increases battery draw and thus heat.

Using a patented aluminum brazing process, Dana developed the heat exchanger which cleans the coolant fluids, as well as more efficiently transferring heat. This results in better temperature control for the lithium-ion batteries, extending their life span.

And so ...

This is an interesting development for the BEV community as any improvement in battery heat control means longer-lasting batteries. Dana is based in Canada.

Photo credits: Tesla Motors

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