Tesla to Stop Building the Roadster in 2011

Tesla Roadster estate

In brief: As hinted at earlier, when Tesla Motors filed for their S-1 to go public, the company plans to stop production on the Roadster and Roadster Sport in 2011.

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Make/Model: Roadster / Roadster Sport
Manufacturer: Tesla Motors

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Tesla Roadster

An unnamed supplier for the Roadster, according to Tesla's IPO filing, will be retooling and no longer able to supply Tesla. Thus the company no longer plans to sell the current-generation Roadster after 2011.

This can be read several ways. The "current generation" wording certainly smacks of a redesign. Since the current Roadster is built in England by Lotus - being a Lotus Elise without an engine or drive train - it's likely that Lotus plans to change the design of the base car in a fundamental enough way that Tesla won't be able to use it without also making big changes.

With the Model S due to enter production in 2012, the company may be planning to just float from the Roadster to the new S rather than go through the R&D necessary to re-design the Roadster.

Or perhaps they have something else up their sleeves. Maybe a new Roadster design? Something all in-house like the S?

That could also be the case. It's hard to tell.

And so ...

Either way, if you want a Roadster, you'd better order one now before they're gone.

Photo credits: Tesla Motors

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