Tesla Roadster Speaks Out on Computer Gaming

Tesla Roadster microphones 2
Tesla Roadster microphones 1

In brief: Tom Burt, a sports car afficionado, agreed to let a team from Microsoft put microphones on his Tesla to record sounds for games.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Roadster
Manufacturer: Tesla Motors

The word

Burt's Tesla (rear) with micsOn the Tesla Motors blog, Tom Burt talks about a team from Microsoft approaching him to record sounds from a Roadster for some upcoming games (Forza and Project Gotham Racing).

Tom agreed and they went out to the track to record squealing tires, skid marks being laid, and more.

Suctioning on microphones, the team set to work draining the Roadster's batteries while getting various sounds, road noises, and more from the car.Burt's Roadster, micd up

And so ...

Electrics are hitting the main stream and it looks like many future games will include an EV or two in their racing simulations. Read more about Tom's experience, hear some audio bites, and more at the Tesla Motors blog.

Photo credits: Tesla Motors

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