Tesla Quietly Planning a Model X Crossover for 2014

Tesla Model S (motion)
In brief: The electric car company has been designing the Model X as a crossover for a 2014 release.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Model X
Manufacturer: Tesla Motors

The word

Tesla Model S

Preliminary design work on a new model, to be called the X, is underway. It will likely utilize the Model S platform as a larger crossover design.

Tesla will be releasing the Model S all electric car as a fully in-house designed vehicle. The platform for the S, the LA Times believes, would be ideal with a crossover body and some other refinements to enter this popular category.

Tesla has begun preliminary work on the Model X and will likely offer it in 2014 as a new model alongside the by-then-established Model S (pictured).

And so ...

So far, this is mainly just rumor, but it's likely that Tesla has already started looking beyond the upcoming S and has plans for new models in the works.

Photo credits: Tesla Motors

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