Tesla Pulls Model S Out of Automotive X Prize Mainstream Competition

Tesla Model S

In brief: Tesla has pulled their participation out of the Progressive Automotive X Prize Mainstream Competition.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: S
Manufacturer: Tesla Motors

The word

Tesla S

Saying that they want to focus their attention on getting the car into production, Tesla has removed the Model S from the X Prize competition's Mainstream category and moved it to the Demonstration category.

The change means less paperwork and other requirements on Tesla's part, since the Mainstream competition requires business models and a lot of other paperwork outside of the actual efficiency competition.

Tesla says that the Demonstration section is more for car manufacturers rather than just single vehicle technology. Given the company's push towards becoming serious (and a possible IPO), it's probably a good shift for them in a PR sense.

Winning the X Prize would probably not do much to change Tesla's image either, since the word "Tesla" is already almost synonymous with "electric car" anyway.

And so ...

The competition continues with several others still in the game, including Aptera and Myers.

Photo credits: Flickr

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