Tesla Model S Starts at $77,400 Then $57,400

Tesla Model S (on road)

In brief: Tesla Motors is continuing to try to keep active interest in their upcoming Model S electric car. The company claims the price tag will be about half of its Roadster model at $57,400.. but not so fast.

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Make/Model: Model S

Manufacturer: Tesla Motors

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Tesla Model S

Tesla has announced that the price tag on their upcoming Model S, the company's first in-house design, will start at $57,400 for the base model. This was followed by an announcement for the first series to be produced, which will be at $77,400.

The confusion lies in how Tesla is planning to market and release the electric Model S sedan. The first 1,000 units will be the high-end, luxury "Signature Series" model with the maximum range (300 miles) and package fitting the car will have. Until these first thousand units are sold, no lower-cost models will be built.

The other two models to be built will be the base model at $57,400 and 160 miles of range and the mid-range model at $67,400 and 230 miles range.

The rub is that Tesla only plans 20,000 units for 2013 (fewer than half that for 2012), but has not seen the projected interest in reservations (pre-orders) and has delayed its production-intent models until later this year. That leaves little time for testing before putting out the luxury edition that customers will expect to be road-ready.

And so ...

Tesla has some interesting times coming, but the company seems optimistic about it all.

Photo credits: Tesla Motors

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