Tesla Model S Begins Delivery

Tesla Model S (live)

In brief: Tesla begins delivery of Model S to customers, marking the official launch of the model.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: S
Manufacturer: Tesla Motors

The word

The Model S has been four years in development and is expected to become the flagship of the Tesla Motors future line of electric vehicles as the Roadster that started it all ended production last year. The first buyers of the S were presented with their cars at a ceremony that included several dignitaries and politicians.

Governor Jerry Brown of California opened the event and several executives at Tesla talked about the company's 9 years of history so far and some plans for the future, including another model in the works.

The event took place at Tesla's newly-acquired NUMMI plant, purchased from Toyota in a deal last year, and where the Model S is being produced.

And so ...

With the first production models rolling out and making delivery to customers, real-world use of the car will commence and time will tell if they live up to their carefully-crafted reputation.

Photo credits: Tesla Motors

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