Tesla Employees Taking Road Trip From LA to Detroit

Tesla Roadster #750

In brief: Some Tesla employees will be taking a road trip from Los Angeles, California to Detroit, Michigan in Roadster #750.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Roadster
Manufacturer: Tesla Motors

The word

Roadster #750

The sixteen employees will be taking turns driving the Roadster (#750 off the line) the 2,700 miles from LA to Detroit to arrive in time for the Detroit Auto Show next month.

There, the car will be on display as part of the Tesla booth.

Of course, the trip would take just a few days in a conventional car, but the Tesla people are taking their time. Stopping to charge every 200 miles won't help, but they'll also be taking the easier long route from LA to Texas and then up through Chicago to Detroit.

They'll also be making publicity stops during their trek.

And so ...

"Range anxiety is for the weak!" Is the slogan of the road trippers.

Photo credits: Tesla Motors

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