Tesla Contradicts SEC IPO Filing With News on Roadster's Future

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In brief: Initial reaction to Tesla Motors' recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing to go public with the company feared the statements in the filing regarding discontinuing the Roadster Line in 2011 have been contradicted by the company's latest statements.

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Make/Model: Roadster
Manufacturer: Tesla Motors

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Tesla Roadster

In their filing for an IPO with the SEC, Tesla stated that they do not plan to sell the current-generation Tesla Roadster after 2011 because of tooling changes at a supplier. That supplier was Lotus, who makes the body for the Roadster (the Elise) and plans to change their model body.

Several people appear to have complained about the planned cut off and Tesla has responded in their latest newsletter by announcing the following:

Responding to customer demand, Tesla has negotiated agreements with key suppliers that will increase total Roadster production by 40% and extend sales into 2012. In the coming year, you'll find Roadsters in more countries as we expand to Australia and Asia. Customers in 23 countries have now taken delivery of their Roadster - last month we delivered the first Roadsters to Spain and Ireland.

And so ...

It appears Tesla plans to produce the Roadster at least until the Model S comes out - planned for 2012.

Photo credits: Tesla

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