Tesla Confirms Price Tag for Model S: $57,400

Tesla Model S (small)

In brief: Tesla Motor's next car, the Model S, will release in the summer of 2012 and its price is confirmed at $57,400 before rebates or incentives.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Model s
Manufacturer: Tesla Motors

The word

The electric family car, the Model S (sedan), has gotten the official price tag of $57,400 by Tesla as the 18 month deadline for the car's release begins to loom.

Buyers can get the car with a 40kWh battery (approx. 160 miles range) or a 60kWh model for another $2,200 ($59,900, 230-mil range) or a 85kWh version (approx. 300 miles) for $69,900.

A Performance version will also be forthcoming with better sport turning and power. It will be priced at $79,900.

All prices do not include any rebates or incentives, so federal and state tax rebates will lower these prices by a bit.

And so ...

Tesla plans to roll out the 85kWh model first, starting mid-summer, followed by the 60kWh option later in the summer or early fall. The base and Performance models will be produced by the winter of 2012. All models will be tagged as model year 2013.

Photo credits: Tesla

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