Tesla Brings Toyota Talent to Production Engineering

Tesla in the laboratory

In brief: Tesla Motors has announced the hiring of a new production engineering general manager, Gilbert Passin formerly of Toyota.

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Make/Model: S
Manufacturer: Tesla Motors

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Nicola Tesla Laboratory

After their initial SEC filing to go public, Tesla quietly announced that they've hired former production engineering general manager Gilbert Passin of Toyota to head up their production process for the Model S.

This is largely seen as a positive step forward, bringing experienced management to a company with little experience in actual production of a vehicle.

The Roadster is down to its last 220 orders and both the Roadster and Model S have seen cancellations on their pre-orders as economics and the questions surrounding Tesla make some customers a little nervous.

And so ...

Elon Musk continues to take his $1/year salary, though his other options and reimbursements are still substantial. He continues to use his self-owned private jet for company business as well.

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