Teijin Unveils Super-Lightweight Electric Concept

Teijin PUPA concept 2
Teijin PUPA concept

In brief: The Teijin Group has unveiled a super-lightweight electric concept car based on proprietary materials and technology components.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: PU_PA EV
Manufacturer: Taijin Group

The word

Teijin PU_PA EV conceptThe Pupa Electric Vehicle (PU_PA EV) is Teijin's forecast of what vehicles will look like in five to ten years. The concept is made of proprietary carbon fiber composites, polycarbonate resins and bio-derived polyester and weighs only 437kg.

The concept is capable of 37mph for up to 62 miles per charge. Its unique body is made up of only 20 parts. It's core structure (chassis) is made up of carbon fiber composites, its windows are polycarbonate resin with heat absorption, and most pieces are single-piece molds.

Interior complements such as carpeting and seat covers are made from bio-derived polyester and the tires are made from TEONEX polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) fibers.

Teijin PU_PA EV concept blowup

And so ...

An interesting concept, for sure, focusing on advanced materials.

Photo credits: Teijin

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