Tazzari ZERO Lands in America, Visits NASA


In brief: The Tazzari ZERO, an Italian-built neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV), has landed on American shores in Georgia and visited NASA to start off a whirlwind U.S. Tour.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: ZERO
Manufacturer: Tazzari

The word

Tazzari ZERO at NASA

The little NEV debuted at the Bologna Motor Show last year and has since been picked up by Verdek-EV, who will be selling the cars in North America. On its first trip to America, the ZERO visited NASA, where top technical experts reviewed its lightweight aluminum frame and other components.

Verdek-EV will be taking the car around the country on tour, next visiting New York, then Los Angeles. The tour is to bring awareness of the new vehicle and show people that it is available now, not tomorrow.

"The plan for the Tazzari ZERO is simple; let the car speak for itself," says Guy Maninno, CEO of Verdek. Maninno also promised the price tag will be in the low $30,000 range

And so ...

With a price tag like that for an NEV, it will be interesting to see what the sales potential really is for this car.

Photo credits: Verdek-EV

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