Tazzari ZERO City EV Debuts at Balogna Motor Show

Tazzari ZERO
Tazzari ZERO
Tazzari ZERO
Tazzari ZERO

In brief: The city electric will go on sale in January in Europe and soon after that in the U.S.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: ZERO City EV
Manufacturer: Tazzari

The word

Tazzari Zeros

The first production model of the ZERO from Tazzari was shown last week at the Balogna Motor Show.

The city EV (sub-highway speed vehicle) is rear wheel drive with a 150Nm torque, 3-phase motor which is powered by a li-ion battery pack.

Tazzari ZERO hood up

Estimated range is 140km (87 miles) and acceleration from 0-50km/h (0-31mph) is just under 5 seconds. Top speed is 90km/h (56mph). Charging takes about 9 hours at 220v and a quick charger option lowers that time to about 5 hours.

The ZERO has four unique driving modes:

  • Race - for maximum power
  • Economy - for most efficient driving (default)
  • Standard - halfway between Race and Economy
  • Rain - for adverse road conditions

These modes can be selected via buttons on the dash.

Tazzari ZERO interior

The ZERO is a 2-seat vehicle with a small luggage compartment at front and rear, totaling about 6.4 cubic feet. The tiny sedan weighs only 1,195 pounds (curb).

The Tazzari Group that makes the ZERO is comprised of several companies. A distribution network was set into place earlier this year to begin order fulfillment.

Tazzari ZERO red

And so ...

The Tazzari ZERO is the quiet little city car that doesn't get much attention. It's sure that when it hits the streets of Europe and then North America, it will get a lot more notice. The U.S. version may be speed-limited to 35mph due to crash test rules.

Photo credits: Tazzari

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