Tata Shows Off Nano EV at Geneva

Tata Nano EV

In brief: Tata Motors is showing its Nano Electric Vehicle (EV) to European audiences at the Geneva Motor Show.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Nano EV
Manufacturer: Tata Motors

The word

Tata Nano EV

The Nano EV, a version of the Nano Europa that is all-electric, rather than a hybrid, is being showcased as the latest development from the Indian car company.

The car company, one of the largest in India, began the Nano line as the world's lowest-cost car in production. This new version, being all-electric, has a range of 160km per charge, a 0-60km/h under 10 seconds, and will utilize super polymer li-ion batteries.

While the numbers aren't impressive (that 0-60 translates to 0-60mph in almost 20 seconds and 160km is only about 50 miles), the little car seats four and outdoes the popular London electrics currently on the streets.

The batteries will come from Miljo, a European battery maker in which Tata Motors Europe has taken a 72% ownership stake.

And so ...

No prices were mentioned, but if Tata lives up to its reputation, this will be one of the cheapest, highway-ready EVs on the market today.

Photo credits: Tata Motors

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