Tango Still in the Running for the X-Prize

Commuter Car Tango

In brief: The Commuter Car has had an interesting year and is still in the running to win the Progressive Automotive X-Prize in the Alternative Car category.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Tango
Manufacturer: Commuter Cars

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Although the Tango hasn't even come close to being mainstream, with the little 2-seater having a price tag similar to the Tesla Roadster ($121,000) and nowhere near the flashy sexiness, it's not likely to be in every driveway anytime soon.

But Commuter Cars is working on it.

The founder of the company, Rick Woodbury, says that when the car enters manufacture on a large scale (currently each car is hand-built in a large shop), prices will drop dramatically.

Commuter Cars is based in Spokane, Washington and has been working on development of the highway-ready electric for some time. It's innovative shape and design, high speed and good range have turned heads since the beginning.

Enough heads that both George Clooney and Google have ponied up the cash to buy custom-built Tangos for themselves.

Now Woodbury has his eye on the Automotive X-Prize and the $2.5 million that goes to the winner of the Alternative Car category, into which the Tango has been placed.

And so ...

Good luck to Rick Woodbury and the Tango! It faces off against some good competition, but is the only of the group that's currently in production (although limited).

Photo credits: Commuter Cars

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