T3 Motion Debuts New 3-Wheel EV, the GT3

T3 Motion GT3

In brief: T3 Motion has debuted the GT3 plug-in electric vehicle with a 4-tire, 3-wheeled design that looks a lot like the Batmobile.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: GT3
Manufacturer: T3 Motion

The word


The front has two high-performance tires while the rear features one large wheel with two oversized tires on it. This improves traction, stability and handling while giving a lower rolling resistance due to the rounded tire design. This, T3 Motion, increases energy efficiency.

The dual-shock, multilink rear suspension absorbs a lot of bounce. The GT3 seats two.

An 18kWh lithium-polymer pack and AC induction motor propel the car up to 70mph with an 80-100 mile range per charge. Cost will be in the $35,000-$42,000 range.

The GT3 concept joins the T3 series electric standup vehicle and CT micro car the company has been offering for about a year.

And so ...

Interesting design and definitely straight out of Batman.

Photo credits: T3 Motion

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