Survey Says: People Prefer PHEVs to EVs

PHEV-EV Survey Results

In brief: A new survey from Accenture shows that consumers are more comfortable with plug-in hybrids than they are battery electric vehicles.

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PHEV-EV Survey

Accenture surveyed 7,000 people in 13 countries to gauge consumer readiness for clean automotive technologies. One result was that while 58% of those surveyed were in favor of battery-powered vehicles replacing internal combustion cars, most were not ready to give up gasoline altogether.

In the 35 years old and younger crowd, 63% prefer a plug-in electric vehicle (PHEV) and only 37% prefer a battery-electric vehicle (BEV). As the age progresses, the number of BEV supporters narrows (see chart above).

Most concerns were over range anxiety, infrastructure limitations and the higher convenience of combined power trains. The average participant in the survey drives a self-reported 32 miles per day, but has a range preference of 271 miles per charge/fueling.

And so ...

Auto makers are split between their approach, of course, but it appears for now that PHEVs (if they can be marketed cheaply enough) will rule the day for the near-term.

Photo credits: CNet

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