Students Build 300mpg Electric Car, Make World Record

DeLaSalle School Electric Indy Car

In brief: High school students at DeLaSalle School in Kansas City, Missouri have concluded tests on a student-built electric car and set a world record for efficiency in the process.

The word

DeLaSalle Car

The car, a former 2000 Lola Indy racer, was rebuilt with electric components, a new ultra-lightweight body, a driveline, etc. With sponsorship by Bridgestone, the car was tested at Bridgestone's Texas Proving Grounds where it possibly set a world record in efficiency at 300 miles per gallon equivalent.

The car was built entirely by students with instructor Steve Rees and mentors from Bridgestone lending guidance.

And so ...

The record is still under consideration by Guinness World Records. Video below:

Photo credits: Bridgestone

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