Stanford Students Show Off Their Master's Thesis: an Electric Car

Stanford WENG

In brief: The WENG (Where Everyone Needs to Go) was designed and built as a Master's thesis project by a group of students at Stanford University. The project took about 10 weeks.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: WENG
Manufacturer: Stanford University Students

The word


The students wanted to build a car that only has the essentials. Their premise was that it's ludicrous to drive a 4,000+ pound car just a few blocks to get groceries. Why not use something smaller and more efficient?

Kind of the idea behind most neighborhood electrics (NEVs) and electric scooters, but hey, these are students working towards a Master's degree and I can think of worse project to try.

The WENG is capable of about 20 miles per charge, has a top speed of 35mph (making it require licensing in many states), and seats 5 if one is willing to sit in the "engine compartment" up front.

The students have a business proposal as part of their thesis which offers a 50-mile version for $10,000.

And so ...

Probably not very marketable, but it's a cool project anyway.

Photo credits: ABC7 South Bay

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