Solar Parking Lot and Car Charging Stations Open in Tennessee

Solar Outpost Charging Station

In brief: The first solar parking station in the southeast opened in Pulaski, Tennessee with more planned for Nashville and Chattanooga.

The word

Richland Solar Parking

The parking lot has space for 10 plug-in cars and its solar array produces 20kW. The station cost $180,000, most of which came from federal and state funds, and was built by Richland LLC.

The parking lot is in the parking area of The Outpost Solar company in the industrial portion of Pulaski, TN. Two more solar parking arrays are to be built in Nashville and Chattanooga.

And so ...

With cars like the Volt and Leaf coming out in the next couple of months and with conversions like Outposts' pickup truck already around, it was only a matter of time before these started to appear.

Photo credits: Solar Outpost

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