Solar Impulse Makes 24 hour All-Solar Flight, Sets Records

Solar Impulse 24 hour flight

In brief: The Solar Impulse HB-SIA solar-powered airplane made a historical, record-setting flight of 26 hours using nothing but solar power.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Solar Impulse HB-SIA
Manufacturer: Solar Impulse Team

The word

Solar Impulse

The Solar Impulse flew for over 26 hours averaging 23 knots (26.47mph) with a top speed of 68 knots (78.25mph). The plane uses four motors, lithium-ion batteries, and solar panels across its 193-foot wings.

Not only did the plane fly for 26+ hours, it broke the record for altitude at 8,564 meters above sea level - equivalent to many commercial flights by jet engine.

Better than all of that, it landed with more power left in the batteries than when it had taken off.

And so ...

Proof that solar flight, in some applications, may be possible commercially in the near future. Here's video:

Photo credits: Solar Impulse

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