Smart USA Delivers First ForTwo EV for Retail

Smart ForTwo vs Semi Truck
In brief: The long-awaited Smart ForTwo EV retail release has finally happened, with the first car being delivered on Wednesday.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: ForTwo EV
Manufacturer: Smart USA

The word

Smart ForTwo vs Big Rig

Much controversy and questions about viability have preceded the little car which finally entered the U.S. retail market officially on Wednesday. The electric car saw its first retail sale to Major Mindy Kimball (U.S. Army) as part of Smart's Team 250 plan.

The Team 250 plan will be putting 250 Smart ForTwo electrics on the road in the U.S. this year in anticipation of the full dealer network and nation-wide sales slated for 2012. These 250 will be the first of the series production that began late last year.

And so ...

The U.S. ForTwo EV has a 30kW motor, 16.5kWh of li-ion batteries, and gets 63 miles per charge (EPA average).

Photo credits: Smart USA

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