Seoul Begins Operating Battery Electric Buses

In brief: The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has begun commercial operation of full-sized battery electric buses on the Mt. Namsan circular routes.

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The electric vehicle (EV) buses began operation on December 21 and were built by Hyundai Heavy Industries and Hankuk Fiber. The buses began design in 2009 with SMG leading the design team.

The Seoul government wants to put a total of 120,000 EVs into use in the city by 2020, 50% of which will be public transportation vehicles.

The new electric coaches currently in operation are capable of up to 83km (52 miles) per charge and take less than 30 minute to fully recharge using a high-speed charger. They have a maximum speed of 100km/h (62mph) and use a 240kW motor and lithium-ion batteries with regenerative braking.

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The carbon composite bodies help lower overall vehicle weight. Five EV buses are currently driving routes on the Mt. Namsan circuit.

Photo credits: SMG

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