SEAT To Unveil IBE Electric Concept at Geneva Motor Show

SEAT IBE concept

In brief: SEAT, part of the Volkswagen Group, is going to unveil their latest EV concept, the IBE, at the Geneva Motor Show.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: IBE
Manufacturer: SEAT

The word


SEAT, the Spanish arm of the Volkswagen Group, is billing the IBE as a sporty, young car for the electric mobility set. It uses the basic ECOMOTIVE that SEAT has been marketing as the next wave in West European, future transportation.

The SEAT is a battery electric using a 75kW motor that puts out 148lb-ft (200Nm, 100hp) of torque. This gives a 0-62 of 9.4 seconds. Normal operating power is 50kW and its top speed is limited at 99mph with a lithium-ion battery bank capable of up to 81 miles per charge.

The seat is a 2+2 concept, with the small rear cargo space capable of folding down two seats to make four passengers in the otherwise 2-seat coupe. It's marketing is aimed directly at the younger crowd, emphasizing sportiness and (of course) eco-friendliness.

And so ...

A decent concept with realism mixed into the marketing, though no price tag has been announced.

Photo credits: SEAT

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