San Jose Exhibition Race Showcases Electric Motorcycles

Converted Honda 450 Electric

In brief: An exhibition race at the SanJose Pro Indoor Short Track and included two Zero Motorcycles electrics, a pre-production prototype from Lightning Motors, and a home-designed motorcycle.

The word

Converted Honda 450

The exhibition included riders from Mission Motorcycles in Daly City (who now sells the Zero line), Lightning Motors (famous for their Bonneville high-speed prototype, the second-fasted electric motorcycle in the world) and Bob Schneeveiss, a driveway mechanic who designs his own custom electric motorcycles.

The race and motorcycles were met with enthusiasm from the crowd and the event showed that electrics are picking up in popularity. With so many companies now offering electric motorcycles on the market, and many more on the way, it's likely that these machines will become a large part of the overall 2-wheeled market.

And so ...

Dave Herron at V is for Voltage (link below) saw the event first-hand and book photographs.

Photo credits: V is for Voltage

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