SAIC Reveals Their Own Leaf

SAIC Leaf concept

In brief: The Shanghai Automotive Group (SAIC) has teamed with General Motors to unveil its Leaf concept car with photovoltaic cells and wind energy conversion fans.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Leaf (concept)
Manufacturer: SAIC

The word


Notwithstanding the obvious name clash with Nissan, the SAIC concept includes a leaf-shaped roof top on its open cabin. That leaf has solar cells for PV aw well as wind fans ("spinners") on the wheels to generate power.

The leaf-shaped roof can move slightly to track the position of the sun, optimizing PV efficiency. Each of the four wheels has a miniature wind turbine which transforms wind energy into power. The body of the car is made of meal-organic framework elements which capture carbon dioxide and a microbial fuel cell to generate more power.

And so ...

An interesting concept and what SAIC and GM see as a look ahead to 2030.

Photo credits: SAIC

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