Saft Presents Lithium-ion Battery Concept for Armored Military Vehicles

Saft Li-ion

In brief: Called Eurosatory 2010, the new li-ion battery system is designed specifically for use in armored military vehicles.

The word

Saft Eurosatory 2010 The batteries are specifically designed to start and even fully power (on "silent watch" all-electric mode) armored vehicles currently in development. Saft has other energy storage solutions for military and civilian use as well, all based on lithium-ion super-phosphate and asymmetrical nickel capacitor technologies.

The new Eurosatory 2010 concept offers a high-performance alternative to lead-acid for heavier military vehicles. It's based on a 28V system that allows a large reserve of power to e stored for reliable engine starting and on-board electrical system use without idling.

And so ...

Saft's technology would reduce on-board weight and volumetric footprint for the battery storage.

Photo credits: Saft

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