RV Capital of the World Now Building Electric Think! Cars

Think City in Indiana

In brief: Elkhart, Indiana, once known as "The RV Capital of the World," is facing hard times with RV manufacturers shutting down, cutting back, and more. But now, electric car maker Think! plans to open up shop in Elkhart.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: City
Manufacturer: Think!

The word

Think! in Indiana

With its pool of trained autoworkers, infrastructure and supply base for automotive building, Indiana is a great place to make cars.

Think!, which makes the EV called the City, thinks so, anyway. So they're planning to open up shop in Elkhart, Indiana and begin producing 20,000 vehicles a year by 2013.

The little European company has been producing City cars for the world market and plans to introduce them into North America via this Indiana-based facility.

And so ...

Other EV makers have also been eying Indiana with its repertoire of shuttered facilities and cheap land prices.

Photo credits: Think!

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